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How to Have a Healing Relationship

Relationships are an essential part of what it mean to be human. And while much of our healing journey when it comes to stress and anxiety starts from within, the healing relationships we’re in can dramatically improve and enhance our efforts.

In this post, you’ll learn what a healing relationship is and how to cultivate healing relationships in your life.

What is a healing relationship?

A healing relationship is harmonious and balanced, and provides fertile ground to support each individual’s unique healing journey. To be in a healing relationship, each person much be intimately aware of the fact that emotional and spiritual well-being is paramount on order for healing to occur. 

To support wellbeing, healing relationships must have:

  • Respect
  • Boudaries
  • Communication
  • Responsibility
  • Accountability
  • Trust
  • Win-Win Problem Solving

Respect & Boundaries

Everyone is unique. People in healing relationships respect each other’s differences, feelings, viewpoints, and opinions. This isn’t always easy, but when there’s mutual respect, even challenging conversations can end with satisfying results. When each person comes to the table with curiosity, respect, and a desire to understand, it’s much easier to heal. And with clear boundaries and agreements in place, you can relax into your healing journey knowing that you’re held and supported. 


Communication is key, but direct, honest, and empathetic communication will truly open the door to healing. Sometimes we’ve got blindspots, and getting clear feedback from someone who loves us and wants to see us heal is invaluable. The trick to effective feedback is making sure it focuses on one’s behaviors without shaming, blaming, or attempting to control. Nonviolent communication is a great place start. 

Responsibility & Accountability

A healthy level of commitment is required for anything to thrive. All relationships need nourishing, and when each party takes responsibility for their doing their part to see the relationship work, each individual grows. Hold yourself accountable to practicing the habits of a healthy relationship, and give respectful feedback to others to help hold them accountable, too. You must also be willing to hear feedback that comes your way, too! No one is perfect, so expect things to come up. This, too, is part of the journey. 


Trust is a requirement of healing relationships. Do what you say and say what you do, and assume the best in each other. Be open, transparent, and vulnerable, and that will encourage others to be the same with you. When you are authentically yourself and honest, you heal and strengthen your healing relationships, too. 

Win-Win Problem Solving

Those who problem-solve together, stay together! In a healing relationship, joint problem solving should be normal. Not only that, but problem solving that pertains to problems between the people should focus on finding win-win solutions, not just compromises—especially not if those compromises are frequently one-sided. 

Healing Relationships for Less Stress

Healing relationships can help you reduce chronic stress, and make it much easier for you to manage any unexpected challenges that comes your way. Want to learn more stress-relieving techniques that’ll improve your relationships and your personal wellbeing? Reach out! 

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