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Chart A Path To Inner Peace & Transform Your Life

Dr. Brian Alman’s unique private sessions help people with even the biggest challenges let go of stress to reach their highest potential.


Making the world a happier and healthier place!

Dr. Brian Alman, Ph.D., has stress care down to a science. His mission is to make the world a happier and healthier place driven by clinical outcomes accessible to anyone.

He is a passionate facilitator who collaborates with people and companies globally and locally.

Webinar: Why Mental Health isn’t what you think it is.

Join us on August 24th, 2023 at 12pm PST


ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Treatment Solution Expert

I’ve helped thousands of people heal from trauma, reduce stress, and lose weight. I’m recognized as a global expert in reducing stress to help people life happier, more productive lives. People who have been stuck for years or decades come to me. Here are just some of the reasons why:
Testimonial Marty Cooper Inventor of the Cell Phone Reports He is a Happier and Healthier Person Because of Dr. Brian Alman

30+ Decades of Experience

I carefully design each session for each client based on their personality and specific life challenges.

One-On-One Support

I’ve worked to create simple techniques that work immediately and long-term, based on years of clinical and practical experience, as well as research.

I have been healing and transcending my inner conflicts and unresolved trauma my entire adult life and was fortunate to come across Dr. Brian Alman’s book, Your Inner Voice. With Dr. Alman as a masterful guide into the parts of my mind where my thoughts are formed, little by little, I am experiencing a gentle releasing of what I have been holding onto still.

Whether you are just beginning your journey inward, or have done significant inner work, I believe you will find, “Your Inner Voice” to be a timeless source of inspiration and healing to revisit and reground often.

Lastly, “Your Inner Voice” has been especially relevant after taking the “Adverse Childhood Experiences,” (Ace) Assessment at truesage.com. Learning about my high ACE score and health risk factors created the spark of urgency I needed for deeper self-care and personal transformation.

Thank you Dr. Alman.

John Henry Parker
Be the Dawn in The Darkness – The relentless pursuit of becoming who we are meant to be.
Transitioning Veterans – How we get in our own way… And, what to do about it!

Mental Fitness Skills for Athletic Performance

“I had not made a game field goal in over 2 years…and now with the game on the line in front of nearly 80,000 people in the stands and millions more watching on TV, I was able to relax and kick the game winner. I was able to excel in the most stressful situation thanks to what I learned from Dr. Alman.” —Michael Husted, NFL Kicker

Michael Husted, NFL Kicker


Find Out How From Dr. Brian Alman…

Whether You Are A Man, Woman or Child
We Can Help You With The ACES

ACEs, or Adverse Childhood Experiences, between birth and the age of eighteen influence us for the rest of our lives, impacting how we handle stress, communicate, and manage relationships. Starting with the ACE questionnaire, we’ll get your ACE score and provide a customized treatment solution plan that fits your lifestyle and needs.


“For the last 15 years, I’ve been referring clients of mine to Dr. Brian Alman, who I consider one of the leading mind experts in the world.”

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What Can You Do About Stress?

Because all of us suffer from stress (at least some of the time), I recommend that you start with the first chapter of my book: Your Inner Voice. Listen Inside…Your Truth Will Set You Free.


Learn About My Private Sessions

Everything you need to let go of stress and live a happier and more productive life can be yours.


Resolve Your Stress

Are you ready to address the root cause of your stress, and see your symptoms disappear for good? Things are unlikely to get better on their own.