CLEAR YOUR MIND: De-clutter your mind for less stress now. - Dr. Brian Alman
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CLEAR YOUR MIND: De-clutter your mind for less stress now.

Could you use a little mental spring cleaning? Sometimes, our minds can feel cluttered and noisy, making it difficult to relax and enjoy the abundance of springtime. Spring can be a season for new growth, fruitfulness, and liveliness—personally, professionally, and in our most important relationships. And by entering the season with a clear, calm, and open mind, you invite in all the wonderful things the world has to offer.

CLEAR YOUR MIND: De-clutter your mind for less stress now.

Join us on January March 30th, 2023 at 12pm PST

I'd like to invite you to attend this very special webinar event where I'll show you:

These skills will allow you to weed and nourish the fertile soils of your mind to experience deep relaxation. And, because your mind and body are connected, you’ll find your body will release its physical stress, too, leading to better overall health. If you know it’s time for a mental spring cleaning, register now for this special event that will walk you through exactly how to do just that.

The best part? No vacuum or dusting is necessary! Just find a comfortable seat and tune in.

WARNING: Space is limited, and these LIVE trainings always fill up. These secrets typically cost thousands, and they’re being revealed for FREE in this ONE event! Don’t miss out!


Dr. Alman has helped people
all around the globe lead happier, richer lives

Dr. Alman is passionate about teaching people how to transform their lives so they can thrive at home, work, and school.

His journey toward helping others heal began with his search for non-surgical relief from the pain caused by a congenital back condition. This quest led him to pursue an education in psychology, where he was introduced to the mind-body connection. He was fascinated by the power it has to help people heal themselves. He studied under Dr. Milton Erickson, known as the “wizard of Phoenix” for his extraordinary success in mind-body healing, psychology, hypnotherapy, and meditation. Dr. Alman is always ready to learn more so he can better help his clients. His continuing education led him to participate in Kaiser Permanente’s groundbreaking Adverse Childhood Experiences Study.  He used this experience to develop several proven techniques to help people find freedom and healing from stress, pain, and suffering. Dr. Alman has now made it his mission to improve mental health and wellness across the globe. To that end, he has

To that end, he is offering this free webinar to teach you how to spring-clean your mind for less stress and more joy and appreciation for all life has to offer. You’ll learn how to spring clean and keep your mind clear, so you can return to enjoying life and doing what you do best.
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