Beach Session: 3-Day Intensive FORMAT - Dr. Brian Alman
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Beach Session: 3-Day Intensive FORMAT

3-Day Beach Session Format

Throughout your session with Dr. Alman, you can expect to reach into the past, review the present, and look into the future. This is often the first time people experience all three simultaneously and get a holistic view of their path. This process is not about fixing or solving anything but finding a place of acceptance. It is usually the 1st time in a person’s life that they understand themselves at such a deep level because of the environment of unconditional acceptance of themselves, their story, their emotions, mindsets, and body image alongside Dr. Alman.  Surprising to almost everyone is that unconditional acceptance strategies, which are simple and powerful but always 100% personalized, empower you to find the gold (your true authentic self) at the bottom of the buried feelings deep inside. 

Day One

The first part of day one is closed-eye history-taking, which Dr. Brian Alman created. This technique is now world-famous and detailed in medical journals, as it’s been used successfully by MDs and healers worldwide. Even after many decades of not getting better, almost everyone immediately finds great relief with Dr. Alman’s guidance in this process, which is genuinely where science meets art.   

Day Two

Day two is dedicated to developing unconditional acceptance of your story, emotions, and mindsets, conscious, subconscious, and unconscious, for immediate and long-term success. Usually, for the first time, there is a meeting of the mind(s), body, heart, and soul for expansion inside and out of your health and happiness. 

You will create a “committee meeting” to understand how your mind works (and doesn’t work) in connection with your feelings and body. Your self-understanding will start helping you from the inside out.   

Day Three

Day three is when the whole committee meeting happens, finishing with the unfinished business of childhood difficulties.

We will co-create the best strategies for integrating your new learning into your everyday life and record them for you to use anytime. These strategies will be sent by text or email. 

Follow-up by text and email is free for a year to guarantee further that you are integrating your new learning into your everyday life.