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The Connection Between Stress Management & ACE

Did you know that Adverse Childhood Experiences impact the way adults are able to develop stress management, whether it be personal, work-related, or due to a global pandemic? It’s true! How well we get through this time of uncertainty, fear and stress relies heavily on how much we’ve worked to resolve our past traumas psychologically, emotionally, and even spiritually. 

The ACE Study

The ACE Study uncovered the link between childhood trauma and the chronic diseases people develop as adults, as well as social and emotional problems. The issue is, many people don’t know how to free themselves from the psychological clutches of a troubled past, even though it plays a huge role in their health, how they cope, and how they see the world, relate to others, and enjoy inner peace as an adult. 

In a patient’s personal case study of Adverse Childhood Experiences, Dear Doctor, published in The Permanente Journal of Winter 2002, Vol. 6 Number 1, an anonymous patient wrote, “I believe that by storing the traumatic memories well out of consciousness, my immune system collapsed, resulting in illness and structural damage.” 

These traumatic memories led to deep internal stress, a stress that was left unchecked and eventually manifested into serious health problems for the patient.

Stress as a Silent Killer

A big driver of chronic disease (and general dis-ease, for that matter) is this STRESS and, unfortunately, many of us don’t have the toolbox needed for effective stress management.

Stress is a silent killer.

Whether we lash out, retreat, blame others, wallow in pity, overeat, succumb to addictions, drown in depression, or shake with anxiety, we simply aren’t doing a good job of managing stress in a way that really works, especially because our past can be a driver for how we handle hardships today. 

Studies abound show how stress can lead to autoimmune disease, increased blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, depression, anxiety, and more, yet not many are talking about the real issue: The root cause that reveals WHY.

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