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Thanks for downloading your copy of the Less Stress Now Challenge!

The techniques you’ll learn are proven to help ease stress immediately. If you do them regularly, they’ll even help stop stress before it starts. Techniques like these work to re-wire your brain (literally!) so you respond thoughtfully (instead of reacting impulsively) to stressors when they come up.

Whether you choose the 3, 7, or 30-day challenge (or all three!), you’ll see the impact a few simple, effective, and fun mental health techniques can make to your life.

So, print out your challenge, set an alarm each day, stick to it, and have fun!

Dr. Alman has been helping people all over the world improve their mental health, heal from past traumas, and step forward as their happiest and healthiest self. Keep your eyes peeled for more information, tips, and techniques from Dr. Alman and True Sage sent straight to your inbox.

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