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PARENTS ACE Questionnaire

Welcome to your PARENTS ACE Questionnaire

1. Often, the emotions and challenges you face today could be the result of experiences long ago? What experiences of your past do you think might be impacting the way you interact with your child(ren)?

2. What ages or times in your life have been difficult? Why? Can you see any of these same difficulties occurring in your child’s life?

3. When you are stressed, what do you commonly turn towards? Eating, alcohol, drugs, smoking, sex, or something else? Do you engage in this/these activities with or around your child(ren)?

4. Are you aware of what and who stresses you out, and why? Does your child know your stressors? How does that show?

5. In your adult life, have you experienced any traumatic events like being victimized, bullied, or taken advantage of? What does your child know and understand about your experience?

6. Was a biological parent ever lost to you through divorce, abandonment, or other reason?

7. Who has died or disappeared from contact that your child was emotionally close to?

8. Do you live with anyone who is a problem drinker or alcoholic, or who used street drugs?

9. Have you had any major medical problems or experienced any major bodily trauma in your life? How has that affected your relationship with your child(ren)?

10. Does your child have someone in their life that they can trust completely, whether you believe it to be yourself or someone else? Who has that person been, and why?

11. Is there any additional stress, trauma, or damaging experience that has impacted your ability to parent effectively? If so, please note it here.

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